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Our Methodology

To foster Leadership, Adventure and Management in the Enterprise 

What is Excelsior L.A.M. ?

Excelsior L.A.M. (E-LAM) is the Relationship-based Methodology developed by Consulta Mata I.M. inc. (CM-IM). It categorizes and divides requirements, from beginning to end, into three (3) areas that impact the Enterprise as a whole, namely: the Vision, the Initiative, the Benefits.

The Methodology fosters the necessary internal and external relationships by focusing on the management of all related interactions. It provides, with proper tools and processes, the steps to take in defining essential programs that, in turn, promote measurable benefits.

CM-IM also incorporates in the E-LAM methodology, its motto: "Leaders in their roles" to ensure that anyone, at any touch-point of the Enterprise, brings out the leadership they have in executing their role. The empowerment of the Leader is supported by interaction management techniques and effective communications links.



Insight into the Methodology

Consulta Meta I.M. inc. proposes, through Excelsior L.A.M., the three (3) areas of focus that filter the impact of a requirement: 1. Leadership in the Vision; 2. Adventure in the Initiatives; 3. Management in the Benefits. CM-IM suggests that the effort associated to any one of the three areas of focus varies with the tactical value it represents. In the formula for effective and pro-active management of interactions, CM-IM believes that people are the common denominator. Communication channels and conversations feed a relationship cycle and, people are the beginning, the middle and the end of it. The benefits that result from enterprise initiatives, whether public or private, are received and measured by an individual or a group. Consulta Meta I.M. proposes a complete service offering cycle for the public and private sectors using the E-LAM relationship methodology. The template of this cycle is simple yet effective, based on the coherent flow of communication within the different areas of the enterprise. Thus, establishing a relationship infrastructure: Enterprise Interaction Management.


The CM-IM Cube summarizes the E-LAM methodology and puts focus onto the operational perspective when tackling Enterprise requirements.

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