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Our Background

A synopsis of our firm's history and a few recent comments from our clients and partners

Our History

For the past few years we have been evolving into a diversified consulting service. We began as a technology oriented firm and have grown to include community development in relationship-based strategic consulting.

Our firm has enjoyed noteworthy accomplishments and exposure, and will continue to grow into the future.

Key Benefits for you


       Over 200 years of combined subject matter experience


       Multiple languages and cultures


       Diversified disciplines




The macro-analysis approach to strategic consulting supported by CM-IM is affirmed by the many years of positive results in the consulting engagements of our team members.  We offer people-oriented relationship management services backed by business processes, technologies and metrics.



"You have done a fantastic job in coordinating the event. Let me say that I admired your patience and calm throughout your journey... " - J. P.
"... Franco Gucciardo did an IMPRESSIVE and EXEMPLARY Job!!!!! " - R. A.

From our background experience, has evolved the following Business Model which adapts to a kaleidoscope of relationship-based scenarios.


Business Processes evolve.  They are in continuous motion to bring efficiency into the relationships between providers and requestors, within an Enterprise, as well as to the Extended Enterprise.  CM-IM`s approach makes full use of its Excelsior-L.A.M. methodology to deliver on the objectives.  The process-cycle (our logo) of Consulting, Promoting and Supporting within a Business Process assessment ensures a full understanding of a requirement and offers intelligent options for improvements.

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