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CASTELLO TORRE SALSA International Complex


Our Programs and Services
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Our Programs and Services

In this page we identify the planned programs and services.   Approximate participation costs are being assessed.

The following activities are being assessed:


Master Training Centre

Professional Development

Adventure Programs

Educational Courses


Linguistic Centre

Second Language Instruction

Practicum and Accreditation

Interpreting and Translation

Literacy Program


Technological Centre

IT Competency Centre

Interaction Management

Computer Literacy Programs


Environmental Centre

Conferences and Seminars

Collaborative Programs

Ecological Programs

Convention Centre

Conference and Seminar Coordination

Support services to other Centres 




Schedule of Activities and Prices

The schedule of programs and activities varies with the seasonal choices available.

Pricing depends on the type and duration of the program selected as well as the number of participants registering. We provide each program in a basic format with the possibility of additional features.  In doing so, we guarantee reasonable fees and allow you the option to custom design your programs.


We will update this page as required.

For specific information Send us an email




If you are interested in joining our team, visit the 'Contact us' page for employment opportunities in the near future.