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From collaboration efforts 
to assimilation of initiatives

It became evident that in order to ensure viable community development, COPRAS had to build bridges within the Italian community and it was timely to link with the emerging FAIQ (Federazione delle Associazioni Italiane del Quebec).  Franco Gucciardo contacted Pietro Rizzuto to discuss areas of collaboration and areas of autonomy in order to avoid duplication and redundancy.  The two met several times to share their vision for the two organizations.

COPRAS and FAIQ complement each other


As the weeks and months passed both organizations progressed in their respective objectives.  COPRAS saw the need to an open dialogue that would be proactive in supporting strategies and initiatives; hence, COPRAS asked for a representative from FAIQ to participate at their meetings.  Mr. Rizzuto delegated Mr. Giuseppe Manno in February 1973.
It was clear that FAIQ, with a valid political stand and excellent financial support, established its presence rapidly and with assertion.

Franco Gucciardo presents his community view point

How FAIQ took over LIAISON services with a short-term vision - Something works? Take it and make it yours now.


Download collection of letters and documents related to community development initiatives.